Sigitaspak is an Italian company 100% focused on the designing, manufacturing and assembling of VFFS and HFFS packaging machines and fully-automated packaging solutions. The whole process is developed within its premises located in Schio, Northern Italy. Sigitaspak was born in 2010 thanks to the intuition of Mr. Sigitas, a successful Lithuanian entrepreneur and founder of several processing and packaging machinery and equipment companies.

Thanks to people with more than 25 years of experience working in the packaging machinery’s industry, the starting mission was to provide Tauras Fenix’s customers portfolio with high-level solutions. Being aware that growth was a necessary step and the target reached, the company started to expand its business focus exporting its principles of know-how and experience towards new markets. “Quality first” is the philosophy that has distinguished Sigitaspak machines, using only primary brand components and controls and high-quality material. 

Today Sigitaspak references include an important variety of applications within the food industry, such as chocolate, confectionary and bakery products, short pasta, granular products, cheese, processed meat and several no-food applications. Thanks to its sales networks, Sigitaspak marks presence in Italy, the Iberian Peninsula, Greece, France, Russia, CIS Countries, Northern Africa, USA, and South America.